Uniden and Hikvision Doorbell Camera Wi-Fi


As security becomes an increasingly important issue, many homeowners are turning to doorbell IP cameras. One such device is the HikVision DS-KB6003-WIP 1080p doorbell camera, which has been re-branded and sold by the following companies: Clare, LaView, LTS, Nellys Security, RCA, and Uniden. These devices are relatively easy to install and can provide an added layer of security to your home.

Many users, however, have reported issues with Wi-Fi connectivity. If you’re having trouble setting up your Uniden DB1 doorbell camera (or its other equivalent model), try the following steps in this guide. This is what worked for me when I needed to change the Wi-Fi SSID and was having trouble getting the doorbell to connect to the new SSID. The basic steps are to install or reinstall the newest firmware for the doorbell, reset to default settings, use the manufacturer’s phone app to generate a QR code, and then point the QR code at the doorbell’s camera so it can read the new Wi-Fi settings.

Install doorbell firmware

Download the newest firmware from the Hikvision website here, which is Build 180809 as of the date of this post. Even though it’s an EU website, the firmware will work on US doorbells. I have a US doorbell and the firmware works fine.

Unzip the firmware file onto a memory card. Eject the card from your computer and then insert into your doorbell. You’ll need to remove the plastic flap covering the memory card slot on the right side of the doorbell. Refer to the below diagram for the location of the memory card slot:

After the memory card is inserted in the doorbell camera, hold down the reset button for 15 seconds to factory reset it. Walk away and do something else for about 10 minutes to give the doorbell time to flash the new firmware.

Connect doorbell to Wi-Fi

Now that the doorbell has the firmware installed and it’s been factory reset, you’ll need to use the Uniden or Hikvision app to setup the camera.

Download the doorbell app onto your phone. For a Uniden doorbell, we’ll be using the Uniden app from the Google Play Store. For Hikvision, you can use the Hikvision Connect app, but it’s not available from the Google Play Store, so you’ll need to get it directly from the Hikvision website.

Open the Uniden or Hikvision app and log into your account. If you don’t have an existing account, create a new one.

Use your phone app to generate a QR code with your Wi-Fi info. When the phone app displays the QR code, point the QR code to the camera lens on your doorbell. The doorbell will make a beep sound, indicating it has read the QR code you provided.

If your doorbell does not beep when you point the QR code to it, you might need to push the reset button on your doorbell for 5 seconds to get into the “Wi-Fi setup mode”. You might also need to try moving the QR code closer or further away from the camera. About 6 inches away worked best for me.

webGUI setup

With your doorbell now connected to your Wi-Fi, you should be able to load the webGUI to configure your doorbell. To find the doorbell’s IP address, check your router or DHCP server for the device that most recently connected to your Wi-Fi. I suggest you set a static IP address for your camera. To force the doorbell to immediately use the static IP address, you can force the device to disconnect from your Wi-Fi, and then it should automatically reconnect and obtain the static IP address you’ve assigned.

Load up your web browser and go to http://<<ip_address>> where <<ip_address>> is your doorbell’s IP address.

Login with the username “admin” and the password “admin<<YYYYYY>>”, where <<YYYYYY>> is the “Verification Code” on the sticker located under the doorbell’s plastic cover. For example, if your Verification Code is “FSG152” your password will be “adminFSG152”. Refer to below image for an example of the sticker:

After you’ve logged into the webGUI, you can change your password under the section for User management. I suggest you make not of the default password and save it somewhere you can easily access so you won’t need to take off the doorbell cover the next time you need the default password.

Additional Info

Here’s some additional information for troubleshooting based on the light color around the doorbell button:

If you’ve tried the above steps in this guide and you’re still having problems, sometimes the problem could be related to low power from the doorbell transformer, which can be fixed by replacing it with a stronger unit. A weak Wi-Fi signal could also cause problems, which you might be able to fix by installing a Wi-Fi repeater near the doorbell.


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