How to Change NetDocuments Column Widths


NetDocuments has a lot of options available to customize the user interface but there is one annoyance when working on a high resolution monitor with a large screen space. NetDocs will make the width of the left column of the search results way too big because the width is based on the percentage of the screen and there’s no value set for the maximum width of the column. There’s also no way for the user to easily resize the column.

To change the width of the left column to “Refined” search results in NetDocuments, you can use the following CSS style:

div[class="refinement col-3 ng-star-inserted"] {
    width: 15%;

[class="refinement"] {
    padding-left: 15%;

You can change 15% to whatever you prefer for the width of the left column. For Chrome users, you can easily change the CSS using the Stylebot extension from the Chrome Web Store.


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