How to Fix Memory Integrity Vulnerability with X-Rite i1Display


If you have an X-Rite i1Display, old incompatible drivers could be causing you to receive a warning from Windows Security about your memory integrity being off and your device being vulnerable.

One solution is to delete the incompatible drivers. On my system, the filename of the incompatible drivers for the X-Rite i1Display were oem205.inf and oem209.inf.

From the command prompt, use the following command for each incompatible driver detected by Windows Security:

pnputil /delete-driver example.inf /uninstall

After you’ve deleted the old drivers, restart your computer. Windows 11 should automatically reenable the core isolation security feature for memory integrity.

To continue using your i1Display for calibration of your monitor, you’ll need to download and install the newest software package from the Calibrite website which has new drivers that are compatible with protection for memory integrity.


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