Use Bonnie++ to benchmark Linux disk and file system


Bonnie++ is a free disk and file system benchmarking tool for measuring I/O performance on Linux systems.

 In Ubuntu, use the apt command to install the bonnie++ package:

root@server:/# apt update
root@server:/# apt install bonnie++
Run bonnie++ with the following attributes:
  • [TEST_LOCATION] – the location of the disk drive for the benchmark,.
  • [TEST_SIZE] – size of test file, which should should be greater than double the RAM in your system in order to avoid using the cache during the benchmark.
  • [TEST_NAME] – a label for the benchmark results.
bonnie++ -d [TEST_LOCATION] -s [TEST_SIZE] -n 0 -m [TEST_NAME] -f -b

For example, to benchmark a ZFS pool located at /tank on a system with 16G of RAM, with “MyTest” as the name of the label for this benchmark, use:

root@server:/# bonnie++ -d /tank -s 32G -n 0 -m MyTest -f -b


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